AppViewX’s PKIaaS combines the convenience of a customized PKI with our powerful certificate lifecycle automation capabilities, and allows you to consume the entire solution as a service. Setting up a secure, scalable, and compliant PKI has never been easier.

A ready-to-use enterprise PKI

Setting up a secure PKI from scratch is no linear process – it involves setting up the infrastructure, integrating with supporting technologies (HSMs, for instance), and hiring skilled personnel to build, manage, and maintain it 24x7. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Setting up processes for PKI lifecycle automation, compliance, and continuous monitoring could not only take months, but also a significant chunk of your security budget.

With AppViewX’s PKIaaS, you get a premium PKI that’s ready to consume. You gain instant access to a ready-to-use PKI and a full-fledged PKI automation system that will enable you to scale at will. AppViewX makes it possible for customers to enjoy all the benefits of a highly reliable, HSM-backed, and automated PKI system – without having to sink heavy investments into infrastructure and maintenance.

Flexible Deployment Options


We’ll help set up a HSM-backed PKI and Certificate Lifecycle Management system which you run on your environment as a hardware/software appliance.

Enterprise PKIaaS

Consume a PKI and a Certificate Management system, both as services that are hosted, managed, and delivered entirely on the cloud.


A customized PKI is consumed as a service, while the certificate management and automation system is hosted on your infrastructure.

Why PKIaaS?

It’s Efficient.

Eliminate software and hardware investment costs and opt for a custom-built pay-as-you-scale service.

It’s Secure.

We set up all PKIaaS environments with the highest standards of security and compliance. The best part – you retain full control over your root CA and management system.

It’s Scalable.

Scale from zero to millions of certificates on-demand, and expand your PKI’s scope to other systems (IoT, DevOps, Cloud etc.) using our library of pre-built integrations.

AppViewX’s PKIaaS is the most versatile solution on the market.

Zero Setup

Hit the ground running. Delegate infrastructure setup and hardware provisioning to the cloud – we’ll help you shrink PKI deployment times from months to hours.

Custom Deployment

We’ll tailor your PKI to best suit your business needs. Choose from various root CA configurations and rest assured that your PKI operates on dedicated infrastructure.

Security, Availability, and Compliance

All our deployments are FIPS 140-2 HSM-backed and hosted on SOC 2 Type 2 environments, leaving no stone unturned to ensure industry-standard compliance.

Cost Efficiency

Pay for only the features you use. Request anywhere between a few certificates to millions of certificates as per your business’ needs and make full use of our flexible pay-as-you-go pricing models to optimize your PKI spend.

Horizontal Scalability

Coupled with our flexible pricing model, our Linux-based, modular platform enables instant PKI scaling and infrastructure upgrades, and ensures full cryptographic agility.

Lifecycle Management and Automation

Leverage AppViewX’s signature certificate lifecycle management/automation engine. Discover, monitor, and manage certificates and keys across on-prem and hybrid cloud environments.

Monitoring and Control

Once your PKI is live, the AppViewX platform helps monitor the status of PKI, enforce policy, set up role-based access, and create audit logs for added integrity.

Cross-platform Integrations

AppViewX features all protocols to support IoT certificate management, and has out-of-the-box integrations with third-party systems (Cloud, DevOps, ITSM, Vaults, IAM etc.).

“AppViewX has helped us issue and manage millions of certificates at scale on wearable devices – we’ve never experienced downtime”

Chief Security Officer

Healthcare Industry

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“We needed to set up a secure PKI system on a short timeline, thanks to the work-from-home situation, and AppViewX helped us do it”


Banking and Financial Services Industry


An Expansive Ecosystem of Integrations

Delegate PKI to the cloud and scale at will!

On-premise, cloud, or hybrid cloud – we’ve got your covered.

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