AppViewX’s IT Security Innovation Survey at RSA 2017 Reveals a Lack of Awareness around SSH Key Threats

Top Concerns include Data Leakage and External Threats

AppViewX, a global leader in the management, automation and orchestration of data center services, conducted a survey among IT professionals attending RSA 2017 in San Francisco. The survey of 160 attendees showcased that almost 65 percent either have only a single universal SSH Key, don’t enforce SSH key expiration, or don’t know their SSH key management policy, which leaves them vulnerable to data leakage and external threats. SSH keys are like passwords. If one is lost or misplaced it leaves production servers, databases, routers, firewalls, and applications open to attack.

“AppViewX’s survey results signify that there is a lack of awareness of the critical nature of SSH keys to securing a company’s infrastructure from external threats,” said Manny Rivelo, CEO at AppViewX. “This is exactly why companies need an SSH key management and automation tool to take control of their applications and devices to ensure such policy gaps are addressed.”

Given the results that the top security concerns were external hacks (55 percent) and data leakage (60 percent), companies should be more concerned about their SSH key lifecycle. Lack of proper SSH key management is often the gateway for user access-related security risks. Organizations are now compelled to put in place processes that proactively prevent SSH key misuse by enforcing controls and monitoring usage.

Additional findings of the survey include:

  • Over 68 percent of those surveyed run a data center built on premise and 63 percent incorporate private cloud as part of their infrastructure.
  • Nearly 77 percent believe that the hybrid cloud drives innovation more so than other types of architectures.
  • 44 percent of those surveyed utilize an endpoint security solution and 38 percent use an in-house managed multi-vendor security system.

The survey was conducted during the first day of RSA 2017 among a cross-section of attendees whose professions range from IT security professionals to C-Suite executives.

In October 2016, AppViewX conducted a similar survey among IT professionals to learn more about their views on data center management and innovation. To access these results, please visit the AppViewX newsroom.

About AppViewX:

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