AppViewX Recognized as a Sample Vendor in Gartner Technology Insight Report

NEW YORK, Jan. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — AppViewX, the premier provider of x.509 certificate and key management solutions, was cited in a Gartner research report titled ‘Technology Insight for x.509 Certificate Management’, which mentioned AppViewX as a Sample Vendor. The report is a compendium of information on the risks, processes, and best practices involved in the management of certificates.

The report states, “Security and risk management leaders are often unaware of the scope or status of their X.509 certificate deployments. As certificate scope expands to devices, containers and the IoT, they will need to use automated certificate management to avert system outages and gain operational efficiencies.”

Some key findings mentioned in the report include:

  • ”Security leaders continue to struggle with the management of X.509 certificates. This leads to outages in external- and internal-facing systems that can be traced to unplanned X.509 certificate expiry.
  • “Unknown and unmanaged X.509 certificates pose a security risk because some may be based on deprecated cryptographic algorithms such as Secure Hash Algorithm 1. Complicating this further is the growing use of X.509 certificates on devices and things”

Gartner estimates that, “By 2022, organizations that leverage X.509 certificate management tools will suffer 90% fewer certificate-related issues and will spend half the time managing these issues, compared with organizations that use spreadsheet-based management methods”. AppViewX is recognized as a Sample Vendor in the Full Life Cycle Management Tools category.

AppViewX’s certificate management solution includes functionality for certificate task automation, secure key orchestration, and role-based self-servicing which provide a proven method to manage end-to-end life cycles from via a single control panel.

AppViewX provides enterprises with extensive visibility and control over their certificates, regardless of CA or type of environment. The solution acts as a discovery engine, automation platform, and monitoring tool in one, to provide transformational savings in time and money to PKI teams. It also drastically minimizes the risks associated with rogue, vulnerable, and expired certificates.

Download a complimentary copy of Gartner’s Technology Insight for x.509 Certificate Management* by clicking on the link.

*Gartner Technology Insight for x.509 Certificate Management, David Mahdi, David Collinson, October 3, 2019