Here’s why enterprises choose AppViewX over Venafi.

We’re offering the promise of a simple, yet powerful system to manage your PKI. Equipped with a user-friendly UI, and advanced certificate and key management functionality, AppViewX is a Gartner-featured solution built to provide enterprises with cryptographic agility, scalability, and 100% network security. Don’t just take our word for it – sign up for a personalized product tour now!

Why is AppViewX the #1 Venafi alternative?

Complete PKI Management

  • Certificate Management
  • Multiple CAs supported
  • IoT, cloud, and SSH certificates

Ease of Use

  • GUI-based automation
  • In-built Workflow libraries
  • Custom features on-demand

Maximized RoI

  • Accelerated deployment
  • Rapid time-to-value
  • Demonstrated scalability

Head-to-head Feature Comparison

Complete scalability, more advanced technology stacks, and rapid time-to-value are just some of the reasons why AppViewX is the best-in-class security automation platform.



Certificates and Keys: Management and Orchestration

SSH Key Management

Certificate Reporting and Alerting

Seamless Deployment

  • Linux VM-based
  • Horizontally Scalable
  • Zero Dependency
  • Inbuilt Database for Analytics

Windows Server-based

Role-Based Access Control Workflows



Lab PKI Support (In-house CA)

Key, Certificate, and CSR Creation

Partial, with dependency

Support for Custom Templates/Connectors

Integration with ITSM and DNS Tools

Internationally trusted by global enterprises.

AppViewX CERT+ is highly configurable, with tight control over certificate lifecycle automation...provides complete accountability

Why is AppViewX the market leader in certificate management?

Get 360° network visibility

AppViewX automatically scans your network to detect where certificates are located, which endpoint they are installed on, and the CA they were issued by. It also inventories them, attaching useful information like expiration dates. By eliminating every blind spot, you’ll have transparent visibility into your network, always.

Monitoring and rapid remediation

The platform possesses the functionality to constantly monitor your certificate infrastructures and keep tabs on their statuses, while presenting them to you on dashboards. This way, you’ll know when they are approaching expiry, or if they have vulnerabilities. enabling you to pre-emptively take steps to remediate issues. This eliminates the possibility of outages, and thus, expensive losses.

Granular control over PKI

Give multi-level teams fine-grained control over certificates and keys. Define granular role-based access control and approval hierarchies that prevent unchecked certificate requests, and leverage inbuilt audit systems to document every change made to your PKI. The possibility of unknown certificates expiring and causing outages is eliminated, adding layers of security and reliability.

100% certificate process automation

You shouldn’t have to manually renew and install thousands of certificates – it’s risky, and near impossible to do efficiently. AppViewX can help you automate critical functions like renewals, revocations, installation, and deployment on any device, server, or application. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – our visual workflow tool can automate almost anything that can be automated.

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