Experience True Agility With Intuitive Network Orchestration

Manage, automate, and orchestrate enterprise IT

200+ Global 2000 Customers | 10 Million+ Nodes Managed | 1 Platform To Do It All

Hybrid/Multi-Cloud, On-Premise, Containers - Orchestrate
Across Environments

Scan, Discover, and Inventory the Network

Run Context-Aware Automation Workflows

Drive RBAC-Powered Collaboration

Create Automation Workflows With Drag and Drop Ease

  • Build simple and complex automation workflows with low-code
  • Choose from a wide range of out-of-the-box workflows
  • Easily integrate with any vendor/ IT service provider

Explore Workflows

Enable Self-Servicing of Change Requests

  • Share configuration management workflows with application teams
  • Simplify self-servicing of requests with customized input forms
  • Ensure secure collaboration with dashboards and granular RBAC

Try Self-Servicing

Perform Context-Aware Troubleshooting and Auto-Remediation

  • Get application-centric topological views of the network infrastructure
  • Monitor network state, status, and performance, detect and preempt nascent issues
  • Centralize network data management, perform closed-loop troubleshooting

Jumpstart Troubleshooting

Upgrade Your Network Security Landscape

  • Automate lifecycle management for device certificates and keys
  • Easily run disaster recovery tests, simulate failovers, and eliminate vulnerabilities

Explore Security Shields

“With our detailed and strict change requirements, we were able to more than double the workload, objects and devices supported while reducing the staff by half by reallocating them to other tasks. Identification for Root Cause of incidents has been reduced from 30 minutes to less than 3 minutes with some incidents automatically resolved.”

– Infrastructure and Operations Head at a Media Conglomerate

Take Your Network A Step Closer to Digital Transformation