Orchestration Engine for Complete Change Automation

Client Information

The client is an American multinational financial services corporation best known for credit cards, charge cards, and traveler’s cheque business. It is one of the Fortune 100 companies and is considered to be one of the world’s most valuable brands. The company has a large infrastructure team to manage its critical business applications.

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Business Challenges

The company has a huge infrastructure of Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) with 15 virtual hosts and multiple guest load balancers situated across multiple data centers. Over 1000+ global users, including 150 application teams, monitor and manage the company’s application services. ADC configuration changes required multiple workflows for change integration:

  • IP address allocation on Nokia VitalQIP
  • DNS management for record creation on VitalQIP
  • Change control and ticketing using ServiceNow

Managing and monitoring ADC devices involved a lot of manual interventions and processes. Configuration changes were performed manually on the devices, leading to configuration errors and delays in deploying changes. Standard RA requests took a long time to get implemented, resulting in negative impacts to the business. Time-to-market for deploying application services in the network was too slow to meet the needs of the application teams. The network was the bottleneck.

Solutions Delivered

AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution provided granular, role-based access control to 150+ application teams to perform server rotations for application upgrades and server maintenance. AppViewX created 180 roles, and thousands of users around the globe now use AppViewX to perform various actions. Roles can be added or deleted dynamically based on organizational needs.

The automated workflows and integration into multiple network and application services provided complete change management automation.

  • Load balancing configurations are automated by integrating into IBM SmartCloud and VMWare vNetwork Standard Switch (vSS). DNS and IP address allocation (free IPs) are automated through integration with VitalQIP
  • Plug-in-play ITSM integrations allow tenants to request configurations through ServiceNow service requests

AppViewX has become the orchestration engine for all change automation and it has as consolidated multiple workflows into a single request stream for implementation.

Business Benefits

  • Reduction in application delivery change ticket resolution from an average of 8+ days to 10 minutes for load balancing configuration
  • Consistent delivery of server rotation requests, including 50,000+ requests in 6 months, as a result of 100 percent adoption of automation


  • Network Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Automation
  • Network Infrastructure Management