Global Logistics Company Uses AppViewX to Automate Certificate Lifecycle Management

The customer is an expert in securely delivering packages to different corners of the world, but to secure their digital communications, they needed the help of another expert. Their five-member PKI team was haunted by low visibility into digital certificate locations, manual PKI management practices, and cert-related application outages.

Core Challenges

  • Sudden certificate expirations – their CA-issued management tool alerted the team on expiring certificates but didn’t provide those certificates’ device locations. The PKI team couldn’t act immediately, leading to outages.
  • Manual certificate renewals – the PKI team sent renewal requests directly to the CA. The renewed certificates had to be manually provisioned on the devices by the respective teams (server, application, firewall, etc.)
  • Poor reporting – there was no way to generate persona-based reports. The PKI team, application owners, and the management had to make do with the same reports.
  • No ITSM integration – the company used ServiceNow to track changes, and the PKI team had to enter each change manually.

As the company was planning to scale up operations and onboard new CAs, they knew that manual, short-sighted management was no longer going to cut it. They needed a solution that would prepare their PKI for the future without wasting resources.

The CERT+ Solution

The company now uses AppViewX CERT+ to manage and automate their digital certificate lifecycle end to end. CERT+ has taken a load off the PKI team and helps the company stay aware, alert, and compliant.

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Key Benefits

  • High visibility – CERT+ scans the entire network right up to the edge to discover certificates and where they are located.
  • Essential insights – The PKI team gets the complete lowdown on each certificate – its location, type, expiration date, etc.
  • Zero outages – CERT+ sends alerts through email/SMS notifications when a certificate is about to expire. The notification also includes the certificate location, enabling the PKI team to swoop down on it.
  • Native automation – The solution automates the entire certificate lifecycle – enrollment, renewal, provisioning, and revocation.
  • Abstraction and standardization – CERT+ provides end-users with highly-abstracted, standardized automation workflows that are CA-agnostic.
  • Hassle-free operations – Other teams can raise certificate requests for their respective devices using self-service templates without bothering the PKI team.
  • Persona-based reports – Each team and stakeholder get a tailored report as per their role and requirements.
  • Seamless change management – Users can easily check off boxes using the native integration with ServiceNow.

With CERT+, the logistics company rests assured that their PKI is strong and agile enough to face whatever opportunities or challenges the future throws at it.

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