Vendor Code of Conduct

1) Policy Statement

This Code of Conduct sets forth the expectation AppViewX, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“AppViewX”) expects of its vendors to ensure that Vendors are doing business ethically and in compliance with all laws.

2) Scope

This policy applies to all vendors, suppliers, and contractors performing work for or providing goods and services directly to AppViewX (“Vendors”).

3) Expectations of Compliance

AppViewX expects its Vendors to adhere to all applicable laws, including but not limited to antibribery laws and laws prohibiting corruption, antitrust and competition laws, prohibitions on conflicts or interests, international trade laws and export compliance, environmental laws, and human rights.

Vendors must comply with and require its personnel and subcontractors as applicable to comply with all health and safety regulations, labor laws including but not limited to local minimum wage and maximum working hour requirements, prohibiting forced labor and labor contracts that limit the ability to leave employment, or child labor, and the international principles related to human rights.

AppViewX prohibits harassment or discrimination and Vendors may not discriminate illegally based on race, color, age, gender, secual orientation, etchinicity, religion, disability, union membership, marital status or political affiliation or any other protected category.

All Vendors are responsible for compliance with applicable laws related to data privacy and information security, to safeguard confidential information from disclosure to any third parties and to use confidential information only for the purpose for this it was disclosed.

4) Training and Communication

It is the responsibility of AppViewX business stakeholder engaging the Vendor to reiterate the importance of compliance with this Code of Conduct to AppViewX’s Vendors and to evaluate Vendor compliance with this Code of Conduct. Additionally, AppViewX expects that the Vendor will train its personnel and communication the importance of compliance with applicable laws and the principles set forth in this Code of Conduct. Vendors must maintain policies, training, and controls sufficient to ensure that such Vendor meets the obligations of this Code of Conduct as well as its contractual obligations to AppViewX.

5) Reporting and Enforcement of this Policy

AppViewX encourages any concern that a Vendor has violated this policy to be sent to the AppViewX Legal department at [email protected]. AppViewX takes violations seriously and reserves the right to take remedial action for violation of this Code of Conduct, up to and including termination of the business relationship with the Vendor.