What should a Modern Certificate Authority look like?

The digital world is experiencing unprecedented growth and interconnectivity due to a perfect storm of conditions over the past few years. Achieving almost a flywheel effect, the advent of many technological innovations – the rise of cloud computing, the emergence of 5G, the proliferation of Internet-of-things (IoT) smart devices – has created immense market opportunities for digital products that interconnect our lives and workplaces. At the center of this explosion of connected devices and software-defined-everything is the ability for these interconnected devices to verify their identity with each other. The industry is quickly converging into using digital certificates to express identity. Join us to see how you should get ready for this new world and plan your infrastructure to be able to accommodate the new scale and security requirements for identity platforms, specifically, using digital certificate and certificate authorities.

A talk by

Anoosh Saboori

Product Manager, Cloud Security Platform | Google