The Need for Better Digital Tracking

“Today, everything is connected – apps, devices, and servers – and everything is relying on public key infrastructure (PKI). Digital certificates are the most prevailing, secure and cost effective way of protecting identities and devices.
As the number of people within organizations and connected devices increases, deploying individual certificates for each application with multiple certificates per device can become a challenge for IT Teams. They have to stay on top of:

  • Issuance, renewals and revocation to ensure business continuity
  • IT operational costs
  • Preventing downtime of business services

With IT departments handling a significant volume of digital certificates, they need management and monitoring tools to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

As one of the world’s original experts and trusted authorities in PKI management and CA services, GlobalSign’s solutions enable enterprises to prevent and resolve PKI challenges. With our own proprietary solutions and through collaboration with best in class technology vendors such as AppviewX, we provide managed services and on-premise solutions for Certificate Lifecycle Management and Provisioning (CLMP), including Certificate Discovery. GlobalSign’s technology partnership with AppviewX delivers specialist services that are readily integrated with GlobalSign’s scalable public and private CA services. This includes managed public, private and dedicated CA hierarchies for your internal and external PKI trust, DevOps and IoT requirements.

There are typically three core benefits of using a Certificate Management Services. GlobalSign can help you understand how you can:

  • Know what PKI certificates you have through centralized management & reporting
  • Delegate administration and save time and money
  • Easily adopt services without extensive change management and burdensome deployment

Join this presentation to understand that Certificate Lifecycle Management is at the core of Certificate Discovery and Provisioning and learn what you need to ensure you are mitigating risk whilst understanding compliance to legal, industry and company policy requirements.

Five Key Takeaways

  1. Consider what drives your business to have a robust automated CLMP service
  2. Consider the use cases that you can cover when using the service against
  3. Understand risk mitigation
  4. Understand legal compliance & regulations
  5. Consider an easy end-to-end all in one service”

A talk by

Mike Boyle

Technology Partner Manager | GlobalSign