Multi-cloud Data Security: Best Practices for Data Security and Privacy

By 2022, More than 50% of enterprise data will have moved to the public cloud. As we move more sensitive data to the cloud, it’s critical that we choose the best available data security services including encryption, key management, HSM, secrets management, and tokenization to protect that data from breaches and to comply with expanding data privacy and residency regulations. In this webinar, we will cover the confusing set of options and best practices for using cloud-native data security services and when third-party multi-cloud data security services are required to achieve compliance or maintain consistent data security policies, secure key storage, and accelerate DevOps.

What Will You Learn:

  1. Key Management Options (BYOK , BYOKMS , BYOE).
  2. Hardware Security Modules (HSM) options and compliance standards.
  3. Tokenization in cloud applications.
  4. Secrets Management to support application developers.

A talk by

Vishal Gupta

Director of Product Management | Fortani