Interactive Panel Discussion on Certificate Lifecycle Management and Crypto-Agility

This panel session moderated by Christian Simko, Vice President of Product Marketing at AppViewX, and will include two AppViewX customers: Guruprasad Ramamoorthy, vice president, global head of infrastructure and network services at S&P Global, and Thierry Marier-Bienvenue, director, cybersecurity evolution at Desjardin. The experts will delve into the critical aspects of certificate lifecycle management automation, with a focus on the challenges faced and the benefits obtained through automation. We’ll also explore the integration of certificate management into an identity-first security strategy, discuss Google’s 90-day TLS validity proposal, and address the preparations needed for post-quantum cryptography, emphasizing the importance of crypto-agility in security efforts.


Thierry Marier-Bienvenue

Director, Cybersecurity Evolution at Desjardins

Guruprasad Ramamoorthy

VP, Global Head of Infrastructure & Network Services at S&P Global