2021 PKI trends

Each year, Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) become more and more important to maintaining a secure online presence, and 2021 trends suggest this year will not be an exception. PKI provides a variety of security benefits to an organization, including authentication and building a trust between organizations. 2020 has seen a rise in cloud-based Public Key Infrastructures, and the trends for 2021 suggest this will continue into this year. Research into 2021 PKI trends also reveals that PKIs will likely:

  • Be used for authentication in DevOps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and creation of a chain of trust between these devices
  • See a growth in the adoption of Public Key Infrastructures for both on-premises and cloud-based IT infrastructures
  • See a resurgence around mission critical systems within organizations

A talk by

Puneet Singh

President | Encryption Consulting