Welcome note from the CEO’s desk

AppViewX’s CEO, Gregory Webb, starts the Digital Identity Protection Day event with his thoughts on identity-first security trends and zero-trust. He emphasizes the importance of certificates and the challenges associated with managing digital identities, particularly machine identities. He also outlines a path to achieve crypto agility, which involves improving visibility, automation, control, and eventually reaching a state where organizations can efficiently manage digital identities, especially certificates, in a highly automated and secure manner.


Gregory Webb

Chief Executive Officer, AppViewX

AppViewX Product Q&A with Ravi Chamarajnagar

AppViewX Session – Christian Simko, Vice President of Product Marketing at AppViewX, will be leading this session, joined by our Chief Product Officer, Ravishankar Chamarajnagar , who will introduce AppViewX’s latest product lineup, including KUBE+, SIGN+, and SSH+, addressing critical challenges in the field of certificate and key management. He also discusses the importance of crypto-agility in the ever-changing landscape of cryptography, with Google’s 90-day TLS proposal and the impending post-quantum cryptography era. Organizations should start preparing for shorter TLS certificate lifespans today and get ready for post-quantum cryptography


Ravishankar Chamarajnagar

Chief Product Officer at AppViewX

Christian Simko

Vice President of Product Marketing at AppViewX

Secure A Zero Trust Future With An Integrated, Human-Machine Identity Security Approach

A talk by Geoff Cairns, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, emplasizes on the Forrester study conducted recently and underscores the increasing importance of managing machine identities alongside human identities to achieve a strong identity-first security approach.


Geoff Cairns

Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Interactive Panel Discussion on SSL/TLS Certificate Security – Management and Expiration Challenges

Hear out from Christopher M. Steffen, Vice President of Research at ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™), and Murali Palanisamy, Chief Solutions Officer at AppViewX, who shed light on the impact of Google’s proposal to reduce TLS certificate validity on business security and compliance.


Christopher M. Steffen


Muralidharan Palanisamy

Chief Solutions Officer at AppViewX

Journey to Zero Trust at Scale: An AWS Perspective

AWS – Manthan Raval, Senior Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services, discusses the concept of zero trust and its implementation in this presentation. Manthan provides examples of how AWS incorporates zero trust principles, including micro-segmentation, authorization simplification, and streamlined access to internal applications. Manthan emphasizes that zero trust is an ongoing journey, urging organizations to prioritize security based on use cases and work towards a comprehensive, identity-centric security strategy.


Manthan Raval

Sr. Solution Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Interactive Panel Discussion on Certificate Lifecycle Management and Crypto-Agility

This panel session moderated by Christian Simko, Vice President of Product Marketing at AppViewX, and will include two AppViewX customers: Guruprasad Ramamoorthy, vice president, global head of infrastructure and network services at S&P Global, and Thierry Marier-Bienvenue, director, cybersecurity evolution at Desjardin. The experts will delve into the critical aspects of certificate lifecycle management automation, with a focus on the challenges faced and the benefits obtained through automation. We’ll also explore the integration of certificate management into an identity-first security strategy, discuss Google’s 90-day TLS validity proposal, and address the preparations needed for post-quantum cryptography, emphasizing the importance of crypto-agility in security efforts.


Thierry Marier-Bienvenue

Director, Cybersecurity Evolution at Desjardins

Guruprasad Ramamoorthy

VP, Global Head of Infrastructure & Network Services at S&P Global

Dexcom CGM Device Lifecycle Management

A talk by Xiaomin Chen, PKI and Cybersecurity SME at Dexcom, focuses on addressing the growing problem of attacks on IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) devices by implementing a robust security solution. As the FDA and other government organizations worldwide advocate for the use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to enhance IoMT security, this discussion explores the concept of establishing an IoMT Root of Trust and immutable device identity.


Xiaomin Chen

PKI and Cybersecurity SME at Dexcom

Securing Kubernetes Environments Interactive Discussion

Broadcom -This session is joined by Ganesh Janakiraman, Head of Cloud Platform Engineering and Ravishankar Chamarajnagar Chief Product Officer, at AppViewX, where they shed light into the security challenges in Kubernetes environments and the importance of TLS certificates. They also talk about how AppViewX is helping Broadcom provide visibility, automation and control of certificates in their Kubernetes environment.


Ganesh Janakiraman

Head, Cloud Platform Engineering at Broadcom

Ravishankar Chamarajnagar

Chief Product Officer at AppViewX

Panel Discussion: Surpassing the Network Bottleneck to ace Application Delivery

Watch this on-demand panel discussion from Simplify Application Delivery 2021 featuring Zeus Kerravala from ZK Research, Rodney Newton from Ingram-Micro, and Murali Palanisamy from AppViewX, on “Surpassing the Network Bottleneck to ace Application Delivery.”

Transforming Application Delivery for Greater Agility

Watch this on-demand session from Simplify Application Delivery 2021 featuring Timothy Miller, F5 SME and Network Engineer from Lockheed Martin, sharing his expert insights on “Transforming Application Delivery for Greater Agility.”

A talk by

Timothy Miller

Network Engineer & F5 SME, Lockheed Martin