Crypto Excellence: Reimagining Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Watch his session to learn more about the various ongoing security threats and the resulting Cybersecurity Executive Order passed by President Biden and what it means for the Energy & Utility industry.

Do not miss this on-demand session on Crypto excellence: Reimagining Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for Energy and Utilities by Murali Palanisamy, Chief Solutions Officer at AppViewX.

Watch this video to know how you can adapt to a novel approach to deploying PKIaaS.

A talk by

Murali Palanisamy

Chief Solutions Officer | AppViewX

Securing Network Endpoints by Automating PKI Certificate Provisioning

Here’s an on-demand talk from Xcel Energy’s Lead PKI Cybersecurity Engineer – Jeff Hagen, on Securing network endpoints by automating PKI certificate provisioning.

Xcel Energy is a Utility Holding Company headquartered in the United States, serving more than 4.3 million customers.

A talk by

Jeff Hagen

Lead PKI Cyber Security Engineer, Xcel Energy

PKI Management in ICS or OT Environments

Check out this on-demand session from SimplifyPKI: Energy & Utilities featuring Richard Barstow, Lead Security Architect at Eversource. Eversource is a fortune 500 Energy company in the USA offering its services to over 4.5 million customers.

A talk by

Richard Barstow

Lead Security Architect | Eversource

Multi Cloud Use Cases using Next-gen CLM

This segment features Murali Palanisamy, Chief Solutions Officer at AppViewX, emphasizing the need for enterprises to move to cloud or containers and that it is no more a matter of “if” but “when.”

A talk by

Murali Palanisamy

Chief Solutions Officer | AppViewX

2021 PKI trends

Each year, Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) become more and more important to maintaining a secure online presence, and 2021 trends suggest this year will not be an exception. PKI provides a variety of security benefits to an organization, including authentication and building a trust between organizations. 2020 has seen a rise in cloud-based Public Key Infrastructures, and the trends for 2021 suggest this will continue into this year. Research into 2021 PKI trends also reveals that PKIs will likely:

  • Be used for authentication in DevOps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and creation of a chain of trust between these devices
  • See a growth in the adoption of Public Key Infrastructures for both on-premises and cloud-based IT infrastructures
  • See a resurgence around mission critical systems within organizations

A talk by

Puneet Singh

President | Encryption Consulting

Maintaining the trust and control of your data

Data is the new Oil of the digital economy. Maintaining trust and control of data is an enabler for any business. Securing the sensitive data is considered as the top priority in CIO/CISO checklist. In this session, we would explore various solutions or best practices to secure data in either on-premise or in the cloud.

– Data protection is critical
– Data encryption can be implemented in different layers
– Hardware key protection and key management is a must.

A talk by

SheungChi NG

Director of Pre-sales Engineering, APAC | Utimaco

Simplifying Certificate Enrolment through CMDB Automation

Join Erwin Hulst, IT Specialist Certificate Management, and Yoram Peek, DevOps Engineer from Rabobank, the 2nd largest bank in the Netherlands, as they walk us through their challenges and how CMDB automation helped them simplify their certificate enrollment process.

A talk by

Erwin Hulst and Yoram Peek

IT Specialist Certificate Management | Rabobank

How to Secure & Govern a Growing Digital Workforce

Digital identities (machines and human/machine hybrids like assisted bots) are growing rapidly across organizations to enable fast and efficient execution of routine tasks. These digital workers come in many different flavors (e.g., APIs and container-based workloads, assisted and unassisted bots, a variety of IoT devices and robots). Securing and governing the identities and associated secrets of these digital identities at scale requires automation, agility and orchestration. Governing these identities requires centralized rules and oversight, while allowing for decentralized approaches to managing the many different flavors of digital workers.

A talk by

Sean Ryan

Senior Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals | Forrester