Get Visibility and Insight into Your Application Landscape with AppViewX ADC+

Modern enterprises run complex and multifaceted application environments – ranging from legacy systems that still support core business processes, to newer web-centric components, to the latest cloud-native applications, built using advanced technologies and continuous delivery methods. The health and performance of all these applications are of paramount importance to application owners, and companies invest in […]

How A Broken API Led To Tesla’s Entire Network Going Down, Locked Out Customers From Their Cars, And Disrupted Company-wide Operations.

On the 23rd of September, early Wednesday, Tesla, the pioneering electric automaker, suffered one of its worst network outages that affected both internal and customer-facing operations. Tesla’s vehicles rely on the Internet to function; owners use the web-based Tesla mobile app to unlock their vehicle, navigate, remotely control its temperature settings, etc. With the app […]

Enabling CI/CD for Network Infrastructure Services Through Automation

CI/CD is a term that’s commonly associated with DevOps, but when this concept is extended to network infrastructure services, it opens up a world of exciting possibilities. Picture this: just as you develop and integrate application code and automate testing at each step, you can also spin up virtual servers and other network infrastructure services […]

Automating and Orchestrating Large Enterprise Networks with AppViewX and Ansible

Automation is an essential component to running large, multi-platform, multi-vendor enterprise networks. Many organizations have already invested in simple IT infrastructure automation solutions, and have had initial success turning repetitive environment provisioning and application deployment tasks into reusable playbooks. A leading global Financial Services corporation has effectively implemented Ansible for configuration management, but needed to […]

Beyond SSH Keys: Authentication using SSH Certificates

Secure Socket Shell, or SSH, has been in use for decades. It’s come to be known as the de-facto method by which data in-motion was encrypted, and also how access to remote systems was authenticated on both the client’s and the server’s side. In short, they’re a great way to access a machine over an […]

TLS Certificate Lifespans Now Capped at 13 Months

As of September 01, 2020, TLS certificates that are issued on or after that date will have validities that are capped at 398 days (13 months). The move is a culmination of events that were set off by Apple’s announcement in March that it would not permit any certificates issued post-September to possess the usual […]

Top 6 Network Automation Tools for Enterprises

Are you starting out on your network automation journey or looking to improve your current one? In either case, choosing the right tool for your automation endeavour goes a long way in guaranteeing its success. While some tools are great to help you get started, some other tools help take your automation journey to completion. […]

Gartner adds Machine Identity Management to its Hype Cycle for IAM Technologies, 2020

AppViewX recognized as a Sample Vendor. Gartner Hype Cycle for IAM Technologies 2020 DOWNLOAD REPORT Our thoughts on Hype Cycles. Gartner’s annual Hype Cycles serve as strategic blueprints for CISOs and cybersecurity leaders looking to invest in technology that can benefit their business. It helps them gauge the impact that upcoming, existing, or established tech […]

Self-Servicing F5 BIG-IP Provisioning Using AS3 and AppViewX

What is AS3, and why did F5 develop it? Traditionally, any operation on F5 BIG-IP devices is done through their APIs, which, in F5 speak, is iControl. As easy and familiar as it is, iControl is an imperative approach to automation. Recent developments in the DevOps side call for a network automation approach that’s aligned […]

Google Cloud and AppViewX Introduce instant CA deployment and lifecycle management platform

With the advent of digital transformation, the sheer number of connected devices has exploded. Networks consist of several hundred intertwined endpoints, each of which need to be secured to ensure that their communications remain encrypted and inaccessible to unauthorized parties. PKI and digital certificates have served this purpose for decades – nearly every organization with […]

Managing Certificate Lifecycles for Container-Based Implementations

To meet the speed, reliability, and security requirements of the modern world, enterprise development teams must change their tools, methods, and application delivery practices. Gone are the long, drawn-out waterfall-based SDLCs that produce monolithic, hard-to-change applications. They have been replaced by new methods that rely on portable, scalable, lightweight, and reusable containers that package code, […]

Self-Servicing Network Access Requests with AppViewX

What is the problem? DevOps have exponentially increased their abilities to deploy applications in a short span of time. However, the bottleneck is the network access space, which is not automated enough to be agile to handle the change demands of a DevOps World. A typical example is a firewall request, which normally takes 3-5 […]

Investing in Security and Cutting Costs Don’t Have to be Mutually Exclusive

The new Verizon DBIR reports on current security threats. We looked into what you can do to help protect your assets and improve your security posture The year 2020 will go down in history as the age of the modern pandemic, remote work arrangements, social distancing, and, it appears – increased severity of cyberattacks. According […]

NIST recommendations for TLS Server Certificate Management: An Overview

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE), member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), introduced a publication as part of their Cybersecurity Practice Guide series. “Securing Web Transactions: TLS Server Certificate Management” is designed to help members of the cybersecurity community understand the challenges of certificate management and adopt best practices when […]

Postbank Security Breach Results In $3mm Being Stolen: Insight And Commentary

Earlier this week, South Africa’s Postbank (the banking arm of South Africa’s national post office), fell victim to an insider attack. In a highly unprecedented move, rogue employees with access to the bank’s ‘master key’ used it to make off with $3.2 Million in fraudulent transactions, leading to the bank having to re-issue over 12 […]

May 30 Sectigo Expiry Incident: Recap and Analysis

On May 30, 2020, users using Sectigo certificates experienced website and service downtime due to an ‘expired certificate’, despite their certificates being completely valid and un-expired. A vast majority were not affected by this strange occurrence at all – however, consumers who were on old, legacy operating systems, or hadn’t updated their browsers since 2015, […]

PKI: To Build Or To Buy?

PKI has come a long, long way. It has gone from being simply about installing an SSL certificate or two, to being involved with every type of technology in order to authenticate devices, encrypt communications, and protect digital identities. By extension, this means almost every organization in the world has a PKI system, and possesses […]

Incident Management Takes A Whole New Avatar – AppViewX Now Integrates with PagerDuty!

We have some news that’s bound to set the alarm bells ringing – but in a good way. AppViewX now integrates with PagerDuty, the real-time incident notification and alarm aggregation platform, infusing much-needed speed and clarity into incident management Tweet About AppViewX AppViewX is a modular, low-code network automation and orchestration platform for hybrid and […]

5 Ways IT Leaders Can Prepare Enterprise Networks for the Next Pandemic

If there’s one business element that’s going to undergo a transformation because of the pandemic, it should be the IT infrastructure. Remote access due to work-from-home mandates have entailed new management strategies for enterprise IT, with emphasis on security and cloud technologies. In this article, we go over some of the most commonly asked questions […]

SSH Credentials Targeted in Data Breach of Hosting Giant GoDaddy

Earlier this week, the world’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy, announced that they had become a victim of a data breach that had occurred in October 2019. According to the official notice, the SSH credentials of nearly 28,000 users had been affected, though no serious damage was done. GoDaddy has registered a data breach notice with […]

Just Been Attacked? Here’s How You Can Become the Master of Vulnerability Management

Very recently, an IT infrastructure automation major released news of two critical vulnerabilities in its framework. Within 24 hours of its announcement, reports of exploitation started pouring in. Several elite organizations and open-source projects that use the solution were forced to take down entire server systems, even while others were reeling from malicious attacks and […]

PKI and its Role in Facilitating Remote Work

Welcome to the world of remote working. Once considered a modern luxury (remember stories of IBM installing “remote terminals” in their employees’ homes in 1980?), then denounced as a killer of creativity and teamwork, it has now settled over most of the world as the only way to work without exposing ourselves to the dangers […]

5 Ways DevSecOps Teams Can Benefit from Network Automation

Modern applications require complex networks to support them. DevOps, SecOps, NetOps and application teams are under enormous pressure to configure, provision, and maintain multiple network components. And oftentimes all they have in their arsenal are a collection of error-prone manual steps and a number of disjointed, vendor-specific tools that offer no end-to-end visibility into the […]

Fitting Certificate Management into DevOps Pipelines

As organizations continue to transition from conventional development to DevOps and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) practices, DevOps teams often struggle with consistently managing PKI. This is especially true when it comes to managing a digital certificate infrastructure. Why? Since the process of requesting a certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA), receiving it, binding it to […]

(Trouble)Shooting In The Dark? You’re Not Alone.

How many times have you been confronted with a network issue that could potentially cause downtime, but couldn’t troubleshoot because you didn’t know where it lay? In a network automation survey that had over 550 enterprises from around the world participate, 37% of the respondents – an overwhelming majority – cited lack of visibility as […]

CLI For Network Changes? Welcome To 2005.

To analyze the current trends in network automation, we ran a survey that included over 550 enterprises from around the world and across industries. One of the questions asked was, “What is the primary method of making network changes in the environment,” for which the response given by half of the participants was “CLI on […]

48% of Enterprises Face Challenges With Cost and Security When Managing Networks

In a worldwide survey conducted among 550 enterprises to learn the trends in network automation, a majority of them cited cost and security as two primary impediments to efficient network management. Cost Cost can be subdivided into the following: The cost of adding devices to the network infrastructure (capital expenses) Operational costs, or the cost […]

5 Fundamental Rules That Guarantee Network Agility

Introduction Let’s face it – when it comes to a game of finger-pointing, the network team is where it all culminates. Any issue with an application that the development team cannot figure out or resolve is thrown over the wall to the NetOps team. Networks are known to be slow, unresponsive, and complex – reasons […]

AppViewX @ RSAC 2020: A Recap

The RSA Conference – the world’s grandest stage for cybersecurity and allied disciplines. For this iteration of the convention, over 35,000 professionals flocked to the Moscone Center in San Francisco to interact with each other, and over 600 exhibitors and speakers. The looming threat of the Novel Coronavirus put a bit of a damper on […]

COVID-19 Outbreak: Short- and Long-Term Actions for CIOs

The COVID-19 crisis has warranted unprecedented levels of restrictions from various governments – social distancing and travel bans being the chief of them. With employees unable to turn up for work, business continuity can be severely impacted if organizations don’t immediately take proactive measures. We’ve come up with a list of actions… Impacts and Recommendations […]

Attention CIOs: The Coronavirus Pandemic might be Impacting Your Firm’s Cyber Security!

Global pandemics have always been characterized by chaos – a factor that not threatens human wellness, but also the flow of commerce and economics. This is especially true of the Coronavirus outbreak – case in point, global markets have been thrown into disarray, with stocks taking plunges, indexes’ circuit breakers being forcibly broken, and millions […]

Ensuring Business Continuity & Decreased Exposure During the COVID-19 Pandemic

CIO Guidance for Addressing Increased Risk from Remote NetOps & Application Teams The COVID-19 pandemic has driven companies the world over to take precautionary measures such as travel bans and enforcing work-from-home policies for employees. But the restrictions are directed at people, not business itself. Most enterprises are digital, offering web-based applications and services to […]

Remotely Manage Network and Applications Without Breaking a Sweat – AppViewX

COVID-19, now a full-blown pandemic, has affected not just the lives of thousands of people, but global business too. In a commendable effort to contain the spread of the malignant virus, companies around the world are asking their employees to work from home. This move, however, puts a strain on productivity, especially in domains that […]

7 Common Mistakes: TLS Certificate Management

Digital certificates protect data and applications, and when they fail (often due to easy-to-overlook oversights in managing them) they can cause serious damage to an organization. Let’s explore some of the typical oversights that IT teams need to be aware of when dealing with digital certificates. 1. Not having a complete inventory of your certificates […]

Why Let’s Encrypt Scrapped 3 Million TLS Certificates

The world’s largest free, not-for-profit Certificate Authority (CA) – Let’s Encrypt – has been making headlines all week. A few days ago, it announced that it had issued its billionth TLS certificate – a commendable achievement. This week, however, the tables seem to have turned. In an unprecedented move that shook netizens, Let’s Encrypt announced […]

Are you prepared for the TLS 1.0/1.1 deprecation?

TLS – the successor to SSL – has been around for a long time. To be precise, it was normalized in 1999 to replace the archaic SSL 3.0, and has undergone three iterations ever since, with TLS 1.3 being the most recent. As is common practice, most internet systems have continued to support every version […]

Wildcard Certificates: Convenience or Risky Business?

Commercial certificates can be costly to acquire and time-consuming to manage. Not surprisingly, they are seen by some as a barrier for HTTPS adoption. So, when wildcard certificates first entered the security scene, many IT organizations cheered, hailing them as a money-saving option that would allow them to secure multiple subdomains with a single certificate. […]

Still Using Spreadsheets to Manage Digital Certificates? It’s Time to Embrace Automation!

These days, it’s not uncommon for enterprises to have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of digital certificates. As the number of connected devices continues to grow, so does the need for an ever-increasing number of certificates distributed across the enterprise infrastructure, to enable them to communicate safely and securely. The PKI administration teams who […]

Best Practices for Safeguarding SSH Keys

SSH is a popular protocol for protecting data privacy through data-in-motion encryption – to make sure that hackers are not listening in on your private transactions as they traverse over the network. It also offers both client and server authentication, to ensure that both transacting parties – say, your company and your bank – are […]

Are Certificate Outages Risky? Yes, and They Can Cost You Millions!

Earlier this month, Microsoft Teams went offline, courtesy of an expired security certificate. Users who attempted to log into their accounts were met with an error message informing them that the service could not establish a secure connection to Microsoft servers. This embarrassing mistake didn’t go unnoticed, causing an uproar of frustration from users, negative […]

Who is Responsible for Certificate Management?

Certificate-related issues remain one of the biggest security concerns for the modern enterprise. And despite a rapid advancement of new technologies that rely heavily on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for security and authentication, most organizations admit to not having an adequate system for managing their PKI, as well as the digital certificates that bind public […]

Certificate Lifecycle Management, Simplified

Certificate management may seem like a daunting task, especially to someone who doesn’t possess specialized knowledge of the technology and policies involved in deploying and maintaining PKI. Let’s break it down into distinct, bite-sized steps to see if it’s actually that intimidating. 1. Certificate Enrollment A user or organization submits a certificate request to a […]

From Zero to Hero – That’s Where You’ll Go With AppViewX

Most large organizations have a system in place to handle changes, respond to incidents, and manage releases and configuration changes. Modern issue management tools provide a smart automated way to initiate, record, review, and track these changes. But what happens after an operations / network / infrastructure team receives the request? More often than not, […]

Solving for X – Decoding the AppViewX Name

Apple, Amazon, Tesla Motors… we have come to associate these company names with creative ideas, innovative approaches, and game-changing products and services. These names have become synonymous with transformation, breaking the rules, and doing things differently. But these famous names also often have a meaning, an underlying reason why the founders chose them. Tesla, of […]

Microsoft Teams Buckles Due to Expired Certificate

Missed renewal triggers three-hour service outage Yesterday morning (8:30 AM ET, 02/03/2019), users of Microsoft Teams, a popular enterprise collaboration platform, found themselves unable to access their Teams applications. A Tweet from Microsoft confirmed that the service was down, and a follow-up message explained that the reason for the outage was an expired authentication certificate. […]

The DR Starter Kit: How To Plan For A Smooth Disaster Recovery And Also Exercise It

When you hear the word “disaster,” your mind immediately conjures up images of massive floods or storms. While the IT wing of an organization certainly counts floods and storms as disasters, the term disaster in IT speak is not limited to those. Common causes of downtime: Hardware failures – 45% Power outages – 35% Software […]

AppViewX recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner Technology Insight Report

Not too long ago, AppViewX CERT+ was named in a comprehensive research report released by Gartner, arguably one of the most respected and trusted analyst firms in the world. The report precisely summarizes the issues faced by security leaders today in managing the certificates associated with their organizations, and the steps they can take towards […]

Part 2: Application Swing – Bring Down Application Disable/Enable Tickets

Peeve: “The app owners bombard me with tickets and make me sit through endless calls for just one minor disable/enable operation.” In our last blog, we spoke about the hurdles that network engineers face in deploying applications and how AppViewX helps them get around those hurdles. But as we all know, the story doesn’t quite […]

Part 1: The Pain of Application Provisioning and How to Alleviate it

Peeve: “I do all the busywork after the application is developed and don’t even get credit for it.” An application developer’s job gets over once the app is created and tested, while a network engineer’s role starts from just then. Configuring ADCs, opening firewall ports, provisioning certificates…all the minutiae of ensuring the application actually reaches […]

The Network Engineer Enlightenment Series

Being a network engineer is hard. You could be the ones working the longest hours on tasks that could make or break an enterprise’s backbone (which is precisely what networks are), but compared to the more “glamorous” roles of, say an application developer, your jobs aren’t all that interesting. You wake up to a flood […]

Can Certificate Management Solutions Help You Hedge Your Business Against Outages?

Turns out, they can – and then some. Certificate-related outages and downtime have been making headlines in the recent past, and for all the wrong reasons. The infamous Equifax breach, which struck all the way back in 2017, culminated in the firm having to cough up a gargantuan US$700 Million in net damages earlier this […]

The Role of Low-code Network Automation in Digital Transformation

The turn of the millennium brought with it a word, “digitalization,” that made businesses of all sizes – small, medium, and large – rushing to jump into the bandwagon. Digitalization chiefly meant discarding paper-based manual processes and moving to a digital platform where all data and processes are electronic. Ledgers became spreadsheets, and emails became […]

AppViewX joins hands with PrimeKey to create integrated PKI Management Solutions

We’re officially announcing a joint partnership between AppViewX Inc. and PrimeKey Solutions AB, two global leaders in the PKI and PKI management space. With this initiative, AppViewX CERT+ and PrimeKey EJBCA Enterprise will demonstrate deep and complete integration with each other, providing a seamless experience on which PKI and certificate infrastructures can be managed from […]

PKI Management for IoT

Gone are the days when inanimate objects coming to life and thinking on their own was a chapter out of a science fiction novel. With a bunch of sensors, a wireless network, and a data management system, any “dumb” object can be turned into a “smart” device that’s capable of talking not just to humans […]

Capital One – One More Credit Giant Succumbs to Data Breach

The dust has hardly settled over the Equifax data breach fiasco, and we’re confronted with yet another massive breach that’s sending shock waves around the world and raising some serious questions about how organizations handle their clients’ data. Capital One, ranked 10th on the list of the United States’ largest banks by assets, fell prey […]

Network Automation with AppViewX and Ansible

Digital transformation is driving organizations to adopt new and innovative ways to deliver application services faster, while simultaneously reducing complexity and operating costs. Network automation has become essential to efficiently operate modern network infrastructure. Most organizations have started automating simple tasks and have witnessed significant results. Holistic Approach The emergence of DevOps-oriented solutions like Ansible, […]

Is Your Enterprise Protected Against Man-in-the-Middle Attacks?

For an organization that’s built on trust, ‘data breach’ could be your worst nightmare. However, the problem is all too common, with hackers growing more ingenious and brazen by the day. While some of these attacks cannot be thwarted by even the tightest security systems, most of them can be prevented when adequate precautions are […]

Equifax to Pay Approx. $700 Million in Settlement of 2017 Data Breach Charges

As we near the second anniversary of the largest data breach in history, ghosts from Equifax’s past continue to haunt the credit-reporting giant in the form of top-dollar fines. The news surfaced over the past weekend, and has been making waves ever since – Equifax might pay a whopping grand total of nearly a billion […]

A CISO Guide to Certificate Management: Episode 1

The Risks Associated with Improper Certificate Management About the webcast : A CISO Guide to Certificate Management Business in the 21st century are hyper-reliant on technology, requiring some instance of it to run in almost every function, and across every vertical. This fact is reflected in the sheer number of applications and devices leveraged by […]

How Effective is Your Organization’s Certificate Expiration Management?

On May 7th, for the second time this year, the Baltimore city government computers were infected by ransomware. Hackers demanded that a hefty ransom of over $75,000 be paid for each affected computer in order for users to safely recover critical files, emails, and other documents. However, according to the city mayor, Baltimore, no evidence […]

Four Ways By Which Certificate Expiration Sabotages Your Business

Certificate expiry may seem like an abstract concept that looms somewhere in the indeterminable future, which could be why most organizations push the issue to the backburner. But when it eventually strikes, even giants aren’t spared. Certificate expiry has played Russian Roulette with some of the top cos like LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Ericsson, leading to […]

The What, Why, and How of Certificate Lifecycle Management

In February of 2013, Microsoft Azure Storage saw a worldwide outage that affected their HTTPS traffic. In December of 2018, millions of people around the world had their cellphones draw a blank when the cellular network giant Ericsson experienced a glitch in one of their software systems. More recently, in May this year, thousands of […]

Four Ways to Avoid Application Outages and Save Your Network

According to Gartner 2019 Strategic Roadmap for Networking, “By 2023, to enhance agility and reduce downtime, more than 60% of data center networking operational activities will be automated, up from 30% today.” Strong networks are key to enabling digital success. From the retail to the financial services to the banking industry, applications are quickly becoming […]

Network Automation Webinar Series 2019

The successful digital enterprises of tomorrow will be the ones that plan for the future today by adopting the right network automation solution. Achieving agility, optimizing costs and enforcing compliance are the key challenges faced by network teams and also are the primary drivers of network automation. Introducing automation reduce much of the manual network […]

Federal BOD 19-02: Certificate outages are now federally-recognized threats!

Sprinting towards compliance : What’s the BOD all about? Earlier this quarter, the Department of Homeland Security rolled out Binding Operational Directive 19-02 (or BOD 19-02, for convenience). This directive, applicable to all federal agencies, is part of a prolonged effort by the DHS (and the assisting cyber-security arm, CISA) to enforce digital security and […]

Think Beyond Automation: Low-Code Automation Workflows

In today’s digital era, automation is key to data center agility. Automation adoption is nothing new and is becoming very common among organizations as you have seen the benefits of automation firsthand. To address the business needs in the digital transformation journey, you continue to unleash new levels of business innovation and enhance the buying […]

6 Common F5 BIG-IP Change Requests You Can Automate

If you are a network engineer, it is no doubt that you are bombarded with hundreds of change requests every week. ADC infrastructure is extremely dynamic, and as a business grows, change must be made to accommodate the new requirements that come with this growth. The changes can be simple operations like server rotation or […]

LinkedIn Certificate Expiry Fiasco : Third Time’s a Charm?

Earlier this week, several LinkedIn users reported the apparent inaccessibility of the website via certain browsers, owing to an insecure connection. The root cause of this mishap was later revealed to be an expired certificate–more specifically, a TLS certificate on their URL shortener ( which wasn’t renewed on time. Here’s what a LinkedIn spokesperson had […]

Three Ways to Ensure Compliance for Complex Network Infrastructure

Today, every organization is undergoing digital transformation. Digitalization has changed the way the network is being managed. Network leaders have to respond to a flux of changes and ensure changes are compliant to standards. Key to this is using the right tool to simplify management of enterprise IT, reduce errors and deploy services efficiently. Many […]

6 Criteria Checklist: How to Choose the Right Network Automation Tool

Network teams are finally realizing that traditional approaches to application infrastructure management and service delivery are time-consuming, inefficient and error-prone. Network automation tools are essential to meet the needs of growing digital business. According to Gartner report – Market Guide for Network Automation1, “By 2021, productized network automation tools will be used by 45% of […]

How to Overcome Network Automation Challenges in 2019

It’s 2019 and this year, in order to take your business into the future, your team must make the critical investment into an evolutionary network automation solution. It’s time to take advantage of this new year by setting your organization up for optimal success. Start by tuning into our recent webinar featuring AppViewX’s Chief Solutions […]

Automation of VIP Configuration with LBaaS

Load Balancer as a Service (LbaaS) refers to enabling self-servicing to end users to provision service requests such as automation of VIP configuration. LBaaS can set new standards for deploying applications services and reducing costs, especially by enabling self-servicing capabilities for L4-L7 services for application teams. LBaaS was originally developed as the networking service for […]

What’s New in AppViewX 12.4

Digital transformation is reshaping the way customers engage with businesses. The ever-increasing pressure to deliver the best digital experience has forced enterprises to deliver applications at unprecedented levels of speed, scale, security, and agility – forcing more and more enterprises toward automation to stay afloat. To help enterprises deliver in the face of this increasing […]

What’s New in AppViewX 12.3

As networks become more and more complex, enterprises are relying on greater levels of visibility, automation and collaboration across daily workflows. Given this new level of demand, we are excited to announce the latest release of the AppViewX platform, AVX 12.3, which was designed to give way to faster service delivery, stronger compliance, minimized opportunity […]

How to Optimize ADC Configurations and Reduce Operations Cost

The digital transformation is driving brand-new opportunities for enterprises, resulting in an explosion in the growth of applications. That means that in this increasingly digital world, IT is a primary enabler of business. Today, applications are deployed across public clouds, private clouds, hybrid environments, co-location facilities, and more. This increase in application production opens doors […]

The Evolving Application Delivery Market Demands a Centralized Approach to Managing ADCs

Application services are the fuel that keeps applications up and running. Hundreds of web servers sit behind a business’s applications to handle multiple customer requests simultaneously. The application delivery controller (ADC) sits between the client and the server to accept incoming network and application traffic, distributing that traffic across multiple back-end servers. The application delivery […]

SHA1 Deprecation, Symantec Deprecation… What Next?

When you purchase something from Amazon, BestBuy or any other online retailer, how do you know to trust the website with your payment information? It is because you trust your browser, which placed its trust in the web domain’s Certificate Authority, to notify you of any misrepresentation of the domain you are browsing. Unlike humans, […]

Seamless and Speedy Service Delivery Through Automation Workflows

As data centers become more and more complex —encompassing applications, networking devices and virtual and physical servers —many IT organizations are implementing critical service management systems. However, implementing and managing these diverse systems to support network service management processes— such as event and incident management, change management, and disaster recovery tasks— often results in manually […]

The Importance of Network Infrastructure Discovery in the Application Delivery Process

Today, we are all living and working in an increasingly digital world, and in response, network infrastructure is becoming more and more complex. The last decade was witness to tremendous change on the technology front – increased use of technology by people (“Apps Everywhere”), a shift toward truly digital businesses and advancements in the networking […]

Here’s What’s New in AppViewX

Networks must be agile to compete in today’s digital marketplace. Whether it be spinning VM’s or binding SSL/TLS certificates to applications, everything must keep pace with the changing dynamics of modern business ecosystems. How do you plan on keeping up with these changing demands? Invest in the recruitment of new resources? Or invest in training […]

Symantec and Google Lock Horns over Certificate Trust

In an increasingly digital world, SSL/TLS certificates become the identity of a particular enterprise. Who trusts this digital identity? Almost every entity that is connected to the internet, including browsers and their underlying operating systems. Basically, SSL/TLS certificates are like our passports; they are widely accepted as proof of identity. Now, what if someone forges […]

NetOps Automation: Here’s How to Get Started

The widespread digital transformation is requiring businesses to be dynamic and adapt to changes quickly. Organizations must ensure all IT initiatives (existing and new) are aligned to drive business value. This requires rethinking their approach to people, process and technology and striving for more agile infrastructure over a stable and controlled delivery alone. If done […]

5 Common Business Challenges to ADC Management

Application delivery controllers (ADCs) play a vital role in improving the availability, security and overall performance of applications. In today’s world of application-driven businesses, a lot can go wrong when an application is compromised. In fact, a single application outage can cause millions of dollars worth of damage and expose enterprises to significant reputational risk. […]

4 Steps to Achieve Agility through Network Automation

Every day, NetOps must address a mounting queue of service requests and troubleshooting tickets sent by application owners and other business units. In the midst of this, NetOps is also responsible for deploying new services with little lead time, all as they work with multiple teams spread across complex, multi-vendor environments. While troubleshooting existing applications […]

How Automation Brings Value to NetOps

NetOps teams consistently face a variety of challenges: the massive shift toward digital transformation, managing multi-vendor and hybrid infrastructure, full queues of service requests, and of course, the pressure to meet expanding business needs with limited resources. Building and maintaining secure network infrastructure is critical to the success of growing digital business initiatives, forcing NetOps […]

Bothan Spy Steals SSH Keys to Attack an Enterprise’s Death Star

In a series of recent revelations made by WikiLeaks, the site has exposed a new set of tools commonly used by United States’ top foreign intelligence service, the CIA, to attack Windows and Linux computers. The BothanSpy and Gyrfalcon projects, named after famous Star Wars characters, are used to intercept and steal SSH credentials from […]

Unused Virtual IPs: Why Optimizing Your Load Balancer Configuration Matters

The modern Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is responsible for both the availability and security of applications, making it a critical component of the network. In today’s dynamic business environment, ADC configurations are constantly changed and modified. In fact, network engineers in large organizations are charged with processing many ADC change requests each week. The complexity […]

Hackers Striking at the Heart of Machine Identities – X.509 Certificates

After WannaCry ransomware shook the security world, a new kind of Trojan called CertLock started compromising security worldwide to threaten Machine Identities. This Trojan blocks reputed security programs from installing on infected Windows machines. To achieve this, the Trojan blocks the security vendor’s digital certificate, making it easy for hackers.When users attempt to run the […]

A Multi-Billion Dollar Defense Firm Fails to Protect Private SSH Keys

Chris Vickery, a cyber risk analyst from UpGuard, successfully retrieved a cache of 60,000 documents related to a United States military project for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). The sensitive files (close to 28 GB) linked to the U.S. intelligence agency were left unsecured (without a password) on a public Amazon server for anyone to […]

Software-Based Load Balancers Must Be Managed Too

Applications are everywhere. Almost every business in nearly every industry use applications in some way, shape or form. The digital revolution continues to disrupt businesses, causing the pace of application adoption to skyrocket and sending the demand for immediate response, error-free configurations through the roof. Traditional application infrastructures are coming up short as the needs […]

Application Delivery Market Disruption: Overcoming the challenges in today’s digital age

In the past, application delivery controllers weren’t deployed widely. But in today’s increasingly digital world, these ADCs are becoming much more prevalent – and even necessary – as NetOps struggle to keep up with the applications they support. Whether they are in retail, financial services, healthcare or a number of other dominant industries, businesses have […]

Embracing Network Automation to Support Business-Driven Application Delivery

Today’s digital economy demands that enterprises build applications more often; provision them instantly; scale those applications as-needed, and integrate with other services seamlessly. Advancements in network automation now make it easy for mainstream enterprises to respond to these demands, no matter the industry. By taking full advantage of network automation and standardized automation workflows, organizations […]

Building an Agile Infrastructure with the New AppViewX 12.0

In today’s technology climate, businesses are confronted with constant change. As they are forced to adapt, the applications they use must be updated or reconfigured to meet the changing needs without compromising their availability. That’s why organizations are starting to turn to more agile deployment tools, like open-source software or cloud services. But, as trends […]

Securely Manage and Automate Application Delivery with Citrix and AppViewX

The workforce is becoming increasingly mobile, with more employees working remotely than at any time in history. Enterprises with secure remote access face unprecedented challenges in managing their application delivery infrastructure, and they need solutions that offer greater agility and efficiency to support this demanding environment. Most data center operations depend upon manual operations and […]

Provisioning Templates for an Agile Environment

For those tasked with deploying applications in complex and dynamic application service infrastructures, application delivery automation enables business agility to achieve business outcomes. Whether in brownfield or greenfield environments, enterprise application delivery is a complex process and there are a variety of application services that need to be deployed. Ensuring that application services are delivered […]

Mitigate DDoS Outages Faster with Network Automation

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks increased drastically last year and have become widespread. DDoS attacks are a way of overloading network routers or servers with so much traffic that it drains your resources and they stop responding to legitimate requests. The true impact of DDoS is difficult to measure but it is very destructive. If your […]

Rethinking Application Delivery with Application-Centric Approach

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders are finding it difficult to keep up with the dynamic businesses they are tasked with. They typically own the applications for every line of business, and they are expected to not only maintain application availability, but also to deliver new applications faster—at the speed of digitalization. They need to focus […]

When Only 11 Percent of IT Feels in Control, It’s Time for a New Approach

Data centers are at the core of IT, and over the past few years, we’ve seen growing concern over the increasing complexity of controlling data center operations. To gain fresh insight into how IT views the management of its infrastructure, AppViewX conducted an IT Innovation Survey at ONUG Fall 2016 in New York City. Many […]

Survey Finds That Traditional Data Centers Are Here to Stay

Even as it’s become clear that enterprises are increasingly looking to the cloud to meet IT and business needs more efficiently and cost-effectively, it’s also become clear that migrating isn’t a trivial matter. While it may be simple for small organizations and subject matter experts to migrate to the cloud, it can take 5 to […]

Managing ADCs in the Age of Bimodal IT: Look to Automation

Application delivery evolves dramatically ever year, and application delivery controllers gain new advancements to keep pace with the need for 100 percent uptime and growing demands on data centers. To ensure outstanding delivery of business applications, enterprises are expanding their ADC portfolios by adding devices or moving to the cloud. Many of these emerging applications […]

Where to Begin with NetOps Automation? Start with Your Applications.

Increasing change requests, demanding agility, enabling cross-team collaboration and reducing costs require a strong NetOps automation foundation. Gartner predicts that by 2017, 75 percent of enterprises will have more than six diverse automation technologies within their IT management portfolios. NetOps automation is not just about executing tasks. It is an ongoing process for powering I&O […]

Mirai Malware is Crippling the Web

The internet is going to be flooded with attacks from new malware that targets insecure routers, IP cameras, digital video recorders, and similar vulnerable devices. In the last couple of months, malware known as “Mirai” has been using botnets to orchestrate massive DDoS attacks that have caused vast internet outages around the world. Mirai’s first […]

An ADC Version Migration Tool Checklist: 4 Capabilities for Success

Applications act as a consumer gateway for banking, financial services, entertainment, healthcare, and other businesses. Application delivery has changed along with the challenges that IT faces. To meet IT needs and address growing business demands, ADC vendors release new versions with technology advancements. While enterprises recognize the benefits of version migration, there are significant challenges […]

Automate ADC Deployments to Deliver Applications Faster

Applications are core to most business operations today, and application teams are churning out apps like never before to address changing business needs. Enterprises, in particular, are struggling to make these applications production-ready after application development. Applications in an enterprise-grade environment need to be able to scale to handle traffic from hundreds or thousands of […]

How to Turn IT from a Business Impediment into an Innovation Driver

In the past, people often preferred large, established institutions vs. smaller start-ups because the former offered a wider set of features and options. Let’s take the example of financial institutions. Large banks have the infrastructure and resources to offer their consumers high-quality banking facilities and support in different locations around the world. The common mind-set […]

Rapid and Efficient Application Delivery: Automation and Orchestration

Enterprises are continuously deploying new and updated applications. Data centers and networks, in particular, must become more agile and responsive to change. Recent joint webinar presented by AppViewX and Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) uncover the strategies that infrastructure and operations teams implement to deliver applications efficiently. Digital transformation demands IT agility to meet the dynamic […]

Introducing SSH Key Management and More in AppViewX v11.3

Enterprises are finding it very challenging to keep pace with today’s changing technology. With our new v11.3 release, AppViewX helps accelerate application delivery by moving faster, eliminating errors, and reducing costs. AppViewX v11.3 introduces SSH key management, securing remote access to data centers and enabling enterprises to effectively mitigate risk and ensure compliance. Every enterprise […]

6 Steps to Migrating Your Certificates from SHA1 to SHA2

Businesses need to migrate to SHA2 signed certificates now! The SHA1 hashing algorithm, which is known to be weak due to advancements in cryptographic attacks, is being deprecated and must be replaced with SHA2. SHA1 has been vulnerable for years SHA1, a cryptographic hash function is no longer considered secure, and SHA1 signed certificates can […]

Bring in Change Management Automation

End users and application owners spend a lot of time creating or modifying configurations on ADCs. This includes the complete cycle, from requesting a change right up to implementation. Enterprises encounter a large number of changes every day, and all these changes have to be processed through a change request. In most cases, a change […]

Automate Application Deployment on F5 BIG-IPs

AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution works in sync with F5 devices by completely automating applications on BIG-IP LTMs and GTMs and enabling users to pre-define and customize standard templates per organizational norms. The Application Provisioning System (APS) in AppViewX gives users the ability to create templates using a simple form factor on the front end […]

Automate and Orchestrate with AppViewX v11.0

Our latest release, AppViewX v11.0.0, is paving the way for end-to-end automation with its orchestration platform. Cited in Gartner as one of the network orchestration systems with high-level automation, AppViewX considers industry trends as a roadmap to satisfy customer needs with every release and update. As a leader in the ADC management space provisioning L4–L7 […]

Customize Outage Alerts to Stay Ahead of the Game

Organizations host many applications whose management is equally dependent on the application and the network teams. Metrics critical to the network team might not necessarily be important to an application business unit and vice versa. For any outage, it is essential that all business units are alerted, but organizations feel that the alerts are very […]

Known by the Customers We Keep: 100% Customer Retention Since 2010

Every organization’s unspoken but important goal is to retain as many customers as possible! AppViewX is no exception. We work hard to address customer needs, identify solutions, and provide a unique user experience for customers, resulting in 100 percent customer retention since 2010. AppViewX is specifically developed to help customers manage challenges arising during various […]

Back Up Your ADCs Proactively

In today’s complex network infrastructure, there is always a possibility for a configuration error to cause a network outage or, in worst case scenarios, a power or other failure to cause the entire load balancer appliance or virtual instance to go down. To avoid these setbacks, it is essential to do a complete backup on […]

Upgrading your F5 BIG-IP – The Automated Way

Now that v12 of the F5 BIG-IP series is around the corner, many customers might have plans to upgrade to the latest offering from F5. Regardless if there is a version upgrade, there will definitely be patches and hotfixes that need to be pushed onto the ADCs. The traditional way of performing upgrades includes configuring […]

How to Migrate a VIP from One Environment to Another Faster

One of the leading financial services companies had difficulties migrating virtual IPs (VIPs) from one device to another. This scenario is common when there is a need to migrate a VIP from one environment to another (e.g., DEV, UAT, PROD) or when migrating a VIP to a secondary device. A critical issue the company faced […]

Reduce Change Implementation Time by Automating Manual Tasks

Automation—one of the biggest use cases for most organizations today—has a lot to do with customization and innovation. AppViewX allows creation of customized cookie-cutter, template-based forms, which can be given out to end users and application teams. The requester can log in through either AppViewX or a remote application to enter the requested information. This […]

Has an Expired Certificate Caused an Application Outage?

Currently, 90 percent of certificate teams monitor the expiration of their SSL/TLS certificates using an Excel spreadsheet. So, if an organization had about 1500 SSL/TLS certificates, the certificate team would have to go through 1500 entries on a daily basis, which is a very tedious task. And then, what if a single certificate is missed […]

Self-Serve and Automate Application Deployment

AppViewX announces a paradigm shift in application provisioning, achieving deployment agility, improved operational effectiveness, and automation across layers. With the latest release—v10.7—AppViewX provides simplified application provisioning and advanced operational, monitoring, and reporting capabilities across data centers. The product enhancement highlights in the v10.7 release include: Additional device inventory support for A10 ADCs Extended support for […]

Integrators : Consolidation and Flexibility

Most organizations have put forth mandates to the network and infrastructure teams to consolidate the number of OEM vendors and tools that are currently being used by the operations and engineering teams. But should consolidation reduce flexibility, including the flexibility of choice? We have recently begun to notice that many vendors are trying to take […]

Agility, Automation, and the Application

Network and IT infrastructure management is moving towards achieving data center agility: agility in deploying new application services and agility in troubleshooting network problems that cause application downtime. True agility in the infrastructure can be achieved only when teams have better visibility (state, status, and statistics) of the infrastructure and change control has certain level […]

Are Your X.509 Certificates Secure? Are They Compliant?

X.509 certificates and keys are an area of focus in this age when cyberattacks are on the rise. Private keys are casually stored in devices handling SSL/TLS termination, and in most cases, in plain text without basic encryption. It is surprising that most enterprises still use manual methods for certificate renewal and SSL certificate generation, […]

Increase Operational Efficiency Through Self-Service

Enterprise applications are on the rise and are solving critical business problems for large firms. Due to their importance in the performance of these huge firms, a lot of investment is made in managing their infrastructure. Complex networks lead to operational overhead in terms of cost and manpower. While cloud and SDN will significantly simplify […]

Network Management from the Application Perspective

This was originally published in December, 2014. For the latest updates, check here. AppViewX 10.5 was a big leap in the application delivery networking space, providing deeper integrations with vendor APIs, custom reporting, app-centric device management, and advanced operational capabilities. With 10.6, AppViewX is moving forward to meet network management requirements and provide customers with […]

Advanced ADC Management

This was originally published in July 2014. For latest updates, check here. AppViewX’s Application Delivery Automation solution v10.5, the latest and most exciting release of the product, is now offered as general availability. The release has really cool features. With this release, the product has cemented itself as a must-have solution to manage ADCs. Version […]

A Look at sFlow

Ever-growing reliance on network services has led to greater importance being given to performance metrics. A protocol that can help manage, administer, and control high-network traffic is a great value-add to everyone involved. This protocol provides the data required to administer the network by sampling packets, ensuring scalability even beyond 100 Gbps without choking the […]

The Future of Application Delivery Networking (ADN)

In an era of disruption, we may wonder what will be the future of application delivery networking (ADN), especially with the large SDN investments being made by the major technology firms, virtualization, and the convergence of various technologies. The last decade has seen significant technological advancements in ADN. Leaders in this space have implemented many […]