Secure the fabric of your Internet-of-Things

End-to-end PKI management solutions for IoT-enabled devices.

AppViewX CERT+ simplifies the management of certificates and keys for IoT devices across your network. It enables full-cycle issuance, revocation, monitoring, and provisioning of PKI from a single platform, providing you with the visibility and security you need to confidently expand your inventory of connected devices on the field, and in the workplace.

End-to-end PKI management solutions for IoT-enabled devices
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PKI management helps authenticate and secure your IoT ecosystem.

IoT is connecting millions of hardware devices with the internet and to each other, giving businesses new and innovative perspectives on conventional problems. Every IoT device has to be diligently secured and managed – endpoints that are not protected by digital certificates are either vulnerable to hackers, or to unprecedented application downtime.

The AppViewX platform helps organizations reinforce their IoT PKI strategies. It helps manage and automate every step of the implementation cycle – from multi-vendor certificate enrolment, to revocation, monitoring, and end device provisioning. It’s all your organization needs to stay secure and compliant, while effortlessly enforcing powerful cryptography across your network.

Secure your IoT Infrastructure.

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Certificate Lifecycle

Auto-scan environments, discover and inventorize certificates, renew, issue, and reissue periodically, and revoke them as necessary – all from one platform.

IoT Automated Provisioning and Enrollment

Automated Provisioning
and Enrollment

We support ACME, SCEP, and EST protocols, making requesting certificates incredibly straightforward. We also support one-touch provisioning and push-to-device workflows.


Monitoring, Reporting,
and Analytics

Use comprehensive dashboards to keep tabs on the health of your PKI – quickly identify expired, vulnerable, or invalid certificates, and remediate them before they impact applications.

IoT Key Storage and Security

Key Storage
and Security

Store device certificates and keys in our FIPS-compliant, AES-256 encrypted keystore, or leverage some of the HSM vendors we integrate with. Set up RBAC to provide selective access to your PKI back-end.



Leverage deep vendor integration capabilities for your IoT systems. We support integrations with leading vendors of PKI, network orchestration, and device automation, both natively, and via APIs, TAPs, SDKs, and more.


Immersive SDK support enables developers to craft and implement custom functionality for your IoT devices, from encryption, orchestration, and security, to code signing.

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