On-demand SimplifyPKI: Energy & Utilities

Manage Risk, Trust and Agility in an Ever-changing Cryptography World

Innovation should not be held back by Security!

In the last decade, the Energy and Utilities sector has experienced tremendous modernization. This digital transformation has also led to an explosion of industrial devices, especially IoT. As the digital ecosystem grows, building and maintaining a robust machine identity management for new devices and workloads has become a massive challenge for the security teams.

With Energy and Utilities operating the critical infrastructures of the world, a security breach could be catastrophic. On the other hand, escalating cyberattacks have also invoked stringent data privacy regulations and compliance mandates. Joining the list is the recent Cybersecurity Executive Order from President Biden that necessitates federal and private agencies to strengthen and standardize cybersecurity measures. With a host of new and evolving regulations to abide by, compliance has grown more complex, increasing the administrative burden for security teams.

In our one-of-a-kind virtual event SimplifyPKI 2021, we will share with you useful and actionable insights on how you can better protect your machine identities, remove risk out of the equation, improve compliance, secure your critical infrastructure by building a strong Crypto Center of Excellence (CCoE), and become a truly cyber-resilient enterprise.


Jeff Hagen

Lead PKI Cyber Security Engineer, Xcel Energy

Richard Barstow

Lead Security Architect, Eversource

Gregory Webb

Chief Executive Officer, AppViewX

Murali Palanisamy

Chief Solutions Officer, AppViewX

On-demand: SimplifyPKI 2021