RoI Calculator: Certificate Management

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Time to Automatically Renew Certificates with AppViewX:

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Time to manually renew your certificates:

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Hours Saved on Certificate Renewals Annually:

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With AppViewX, you can save the time equivalent to the efforts of (A6) FTEs (Full-time Employees)


Net Quantifiable RoI with AppViewX

Key Stats on Certificate Management

  • Teams that use certificate management tools will see a 60% reduction in certificate-related issues.
  • Certificate outages can cost organizations up to $700 Million in fines and remediation costs.
  • 65% of organizations have been hit by >5 certificate outages in the last two years.

Note: The calculator uses the annual cost of man hours [hours * hourly wage * 52 weeks/year] to calculate your return on investment by investing in AppViewX


AppViewX is a certificate lifecycle management platform that automates all certificate operations, from renewals to key rotation. In addition to the monetary savings, it reduces configuration time by 70%, deployment time by 80%, and configuration errors by 100%. To learn how AppViewX can fit into your business case, contact us for a live demo today.