Security Policy and Service Automation

AppViewX SECURITY+ simplifies management of security policies, provides easier verification of existing policies, audits policy changes, and keeps track of deployment processes. It provides end-to-end visibility across multi-vendor security infrastructures and enables management of enterprise security policies from a single console. It allows firewall administrators, security administrators, and network operations teams to work in collaboration with application teams to achieve agility.

Product Capabilities

Centralized Security
Policy Management

Centrally manage security policies on firewalls, assess the device status, create firewall rules/policies, and map to applications to achieve business agility. SECURITY+ provides a repository of firewall rules in the existing multi-vendor environment to simplify, automate, and orchestrate the management of security policies.

App-Centric Visibility
of Policies

Get real-time visibility into firewall rules/policies and security changes across the security infrastructure to be able to troubleshoot faster. SECURITY+ provides application-level visibility and enhances the self-servicing capabilities of firewall administrators and application owners. A firewall topology view gives a snapshot of rules associated with a specific application.

Audit and Compliance

Maintain audit trails and rules/policy changes made on firewalls. SECURITY+ reports help to clean up unused rules and objects, meet regulatory standards, and ensure accountability and compliance through customizable conditions.

Policy Cleanup
and Optimization

Analyze network security policies and optimize firewall configurations. Optimization reports list unused and duplicate rules in the network security infrastructure. SECURITY+ helps you clean up unused rules and configurations without impacting business needs.

Access Control

Provide secure, granular, role-based access control down to the rule/policy level and limit administrative control for specific roles. SECURITY+ allows users to define customizable workflows for policy creation and modification to ensure security and compliance.

Automated Workflows

Automate security policy changes and avoid error-prone manual configurations. SECURITY+ uses a workflow engine to automate and accelerate management of the entire security policy lifecycle, including design, implementation, validation, and auditing, using predefined, cookie-cutter templates.

A Single, Integrated Solution to Manage Security Infrastructure

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