On-demand: SimplifyPKI 2021

Manage Risk, Trust and Agility in an Ever-changing Cryptography World

Innovation should not be held back by Security!

As technology breaks new ground, one thing’s for sure - cybersecurity isn’t going to get easier. On the one hand, security teams grapple with building and maintaining a robust machine identity management for new devices and workloads; on the other hand, they need to devise prevention and mitigation strategies for the increasingly ingenious cyber-attacks.

In our one-of-a-kind virtual event SimplifyPKI 2021, you’ll learn how to remove risk out of the equation, secure your enterprise by building a strong Crypto Center of Excellence (CCoE), and enable enterprise crypto agility through automation.


David Mahdi

Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

Sean Ryan

Senior Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals, Forrester

Anoosh Saboori

Product Manager, Cloud Security Platform, Google

Gregory Webb

Chief Executive Officer, AppViewX

Murali Palanisamy

Chief Solutions Officer, AppViewX

Ravishankar Chamarajnagar

SVP, Product Management, AppViewX

Alon Nachmany

Director, Customer Success, AppViewX

Larry Biagini

Special Advisor, Brighton Park Capital, Brighton Park Capital

Richard Barstow

Lead Security Architect, Eversource

Kiran Punjabi

IT DevOps engineer, Fastenal

Nick Draffen

Sr. Security Architect, Thermo Fisher

Erwin Hulst

IT Specialist Certificate Management, Rabo Bank

Ivan Skowronski

Lead of Cybersecurity Architecture Team, Telecom Argentina

Tomas Gustavsson

CTO, PrimeKey

Roman Cinkais

Chief Executive Officer, 3Key Company

Puneet Singh

President, Encryption Consulting LLC

Vishal Gupta

Director of Product Management, Fortanix

SheungChi NG

Director of Pre-sales Engineering, Utimaco

Mike Boyle

Technology Partner Manager, Global Sign

David Madden

Senior Director, Business Development, Thales Group

Yoram Peek

Devops Engineer, Rabo Bank