AppViewX at F5 Agility 2015 – EMEA

SOLUTIONS EXPO Date: 20 – 21, May Location: Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)

Great time at F5 Agility EMEA 2015! Overwhelming response from the crowd, support from F5, keynotes, farewell, insights and many more. Awesome show by F5. AppViewX, a Gold Sponsor at F5 Agility – EMEA, showcased the latest version 10.7 providing an application aware infrastructure. This was the third year for AppViewX at F5 Agility; previously, showcased exclusively at New York Agility 2014, Singapore followed by Monaco and San Francisco in 2013.
Maximize F5 ROI

Maximize your F5 ROI with AppViewX providing Self-Servicing and Automation for your network. ADC Management, SSL Certificate Management, Firewall Management, Public Cloud Enablement, Live Network Map, Multi-Vendor Support, ITSM, IPAM Integration are just some of the features in AppViewX.

AppViewX provides an enhanced Application Delivery with App-Centric management platform providing visibility & control over BIG-IP™ GTM and LTM devices across data centers. Also, it complements BIG-IQ™ and Enterprise Manager with enhanced management features.

Thanks F5 Networks EMEA for a wonderful trip at #F5Agility15!

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