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Certificate Lifecycle Management as a Service (CLMaaS)

What is Certificate Lifecycle Management as a Service (CLMaaS)?

To more efficiently prevent outages, reduce costs and manage compliance requirements in a hybrid cloud or multicloud environment, you need a scalable and cost-effective solution that can provide you with enhanced visibility, control, and automation throughout the lifecycle of every certificate.  

Make a shift from reactive mode and be more proactive as you get a complete view of your entire certificate infrastructure.

Manage certificates as a service with pre-built integrations and extensible APIs that plugin to your enterprise applications, web servers, microservices, and multi-cloud environments.

Why Certificate Lifecycle Management as a Service (CLMaaS)?

Installation of CLM software in an enterprise environment requires provisioning of resources and coordination between various teams managing the software and the resources. This becomes costly not just in terms of money but also in terms of time.

2022 Ponemon Report: The State of Certificate Lifecycle Management in Global Organizations

CLMaaS allows enterprises to get the benefits of all the certificate lifecycle functions and automation without waiting for resources and time.

Key Capabilities of CLMaaS

Discovery and Visibility

  • Discover certificates across distributed multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments
  • Optimize devices and IP network scan for the seamless discovery of certificates
  • Integrate with existing scanners to eliminate the complexity of running multiple scanners for certificate discovery
  • A holistic view of the certificate with chain of trust and installation location
  • Centralized dashboard visibility to monitor expiry status, get notifications, and renew expiring certificates on time.

Crypto standards – Analytics

  • Gain insights into crypto standards – cipher strength, TLS protocols, hashing algorithms, and Key sizes 
  • Become crypto-agile – configure to renew weak certificates with enhanced and updated crypto standards easily and quickly.
  • Improve overall security posture to avoid data breaches

Automation and Self-Service

  • Give your teams the ability to generate, request, and issue certificates from any Certificate Authority (CA) via self-service UI or API.
  • Configure approval workflows or auto-renewal, and choose to automatically push and install certificates on endpoints
  • Automate enrollment, renewal, and provisioning with customizable automation workflows and tasks
  • Single-pane-of-glass management for all certificate processes

Policy Enforcements and Granular Control

  • Group certificates and Keys based on specific business use-cases to ensure auditing and compliance
  • Define granular role-based access control (RBAC) and enforce business-specific policies to avoid unregulated access and enable secure provisioning
  • Create audit trails for each user and certificate or Key-related activity to prevent unauthorized actions
  • Define and enforce strong public key infrastructure (PKI) policy to standardize certificate processes and eliminate rogue, unknown, and non-compliant certificates

Secure Key Management

  • Generate Keys on the target machine or HSM (Hardware Security Module) to avoid Key roaming 
  • Use automation workflows to push certificates and Keys across multiple devices.

Benefits of CLMaaS

The most significant benefit of using CLMaaS is to save resources, time, and effort of installation and maintenance. 

Another benefit is starting small and growing the subscription as your business grows. There is no need to invest upfront in extensive infrastructure. As the organization increases usage of certificates, the capacity of CLM services can be increased.

Let’s get you started on your certificate automation journey