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How is AppViewX deployed? Is it a hardware appliance?

It is provided as an OVA/native installer.

Can CERT+ manage certificates on web servers and app servers?

Yes, management and renewal of certificates are possible.

Can AppViewX be deployed as an HA solution?

Yes, it can be deployed as a single instance or through multiple instances.

Can AppViewX renew certificates though workflows?

Yes. It is also tied to role-based access control and the process is done as a work order.

How does AppViewX communicate with different
vendor devices?

Communication is done via proprietary APIs. For some vendors, SNMP is also used.

Does ADC+ allow changes to be implemented on devices? Does it support workflows? Does it support work flows?

Implementation needs to follow a workflow before being implemented. It is also tied to role-based access control.

Are ADC+ and Cert+ two different products or can they
be purchased together?

ADC+ and CERT+ are two different products but they can be purchased together. The basic version of certificate management comes with ADC+. To get end-to-end certificate lifecycle management, we recommend purchasing a CERT+ license as well.

How granular is the ADC+ role-based access control (RBAC) system?

RBAC is an integral part of ADC+ and allows users to specify the functionalities that can be assigned and to provide access control lists to devices.

Is it possible to download a demo / evaluation version?

Yes. We can provide a form with terms and conditions along with a link to download a virtual machine.

Does AppViewX have reporting and alerting capabilities?

Yes, reporting provides historically trended values for capacity planning. Alerts on devices, applications, thresholds, and certificates can be sent as an email or an SNMP trap.

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