The Australian Bureau Of Statistics Reduces Average Time For Certificate Creation And Renewals From Four Hours To 15 Minutes With AppViewX

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) experts from enterprises across different industries often talk about two throbbing pain points in PKI management: 

  • lack of visibility into the digital certificate landscape 
  • lack of automation 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reduces the average time for certificate creation and renewals from four hours to <15 minutes with AppViewX CERT+

Digital certificates are the face of your enterprise online. When a customer visits your application, these certificates help determine their first impression of your enterprise and often dictate their relationship and level of trust with you in the future. 

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) faced severe challenges due to a lack of PKI visibility. Certificates in the environment were not tracked effectively. ABS made use of several endpoints and devices and virtual servers. Since there was inadequate information regarding validities and certificate locations, unprecedented certificate expirations often occurred, causing system downtime.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reduces the average time for certificate creation and renewals from four hours to <15 minutes with AppViewX CERT+

ABS made use of Linux and Windows virtual servers within their environments, and certificates were required for each server that was commissioned. The infrastructure team manually handled the creation, deployment, and management of certificates. Certificates had to be revoked or uninstalled when a server was decommissioned. Apart from the internal certificates required for the virtual servers, ABS also used TLS certificates for their external-facing web assets.

Sluggish, undefined process for certificate creation on virtual machines, slow PKI lifecycle with high reliance on IT, and lack of audit process and policy were other grappling issues. 

ABS needed a solution that streamlined their certificate lifecycle and integrated with VMWare to accelerate the certificate deployment process. Collaborating with AppViewX helped ABS discover, monitor, and maintain inventory of certificates. ABS also managed to improve SLAs for certificate creation (4 hours to 15 minutes) and deployment (1 week to <24 hours). The ABS-AppViewX partnership is over three years now and ABS has not faced any certificate-related outage since deployment of AppViewX CERT+ .

“AppViewX CERT+ has delivered the solution we needed to greatly improve the management of our certificate lifecycle.   Since implementing AppViewX, we have not had a single certificate-related outage, and our certificate turnaround time has been greatly reduced. “- Paul French (Assistant Director), DMAC – Middleware Operations Manager, The Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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