How AXA Life Japan Realized Significant Cost Savings with AppViewX Certificate Lifecycle Management

Two of the widely talked about benefits of automating certificate lifecycle management (CLM) are simplified operations and cost savings. With every passing day, more AppViewX customers come back to assure us that the simplicity of automation truly delivers significant ROI and operational convenience. 

In this blog post, we are proud and happy to share with you the success story of AXA Life Japan (ALJ), one of our valued customers who realized significant cost savings with automated certificate lifecycle management solution from AppViewX. 

Here’s a quick look at how they were able to achieve that. 

Like any other security-conscious organization, ALJ also uses digital certificates to secure its digital assets and machines. For several years, the company managed these digital certificates manually. However, the growing inventory of certificates made the whole process more time-consuming, resource-intensive, and error-prone.

Key Business Challenges that Drove ALJ to Rethink Their CLM Strategy

  • Looming fear of certificate outages

The PKI team had very little visibility of their certificates. The growing inventory further aggravated the visibility problem, leaving the public key infrastructure (PKI) team with little control over their certificates. 

  • Poor certificate monitoring

There was no real-time monitoring system to report on certificate validities and expiration dates. The PKI staff had to constantly keep an eye on their list of certificates and remember to renew them before expiry.

  • Tedious and broken processes

Manually executing certificate lifecycle tasks such as creation, installation, renewal, and revocation was not only cumbersome but repetitive. The processes required efforts from multiple IT departments, which made troubleshooting and maintenance of PKI a struggle.  

  • Seeking Respite in Automation for Certificate Management Problems

ALJ was in the midst of moving their legacy platforms to the cloud. All their new cloud platforms needed to comply with the latest security guidelines of SSL encryption. Having weighed in all the options, ALJ was convinced that the only way to overcome certificate management problems and reduce unnecessary overhead costs was to adopt an automated CLM solution. That would provide complete visibility as well as a centralized system to efficiently and securely manage the growing inventory of certificates. 

How AppViewX CERT+ Helped?

AppViewX CERT+ helped the PKI team systematically address several pain points of certificate management.  

CERT+ provided real-time, end-to-end visibility of all certificates in the infrastructure. ALJ was able to discover certificates, inventory them, and efficiently monitor them for expiry that helped minimize the risk of outages. 

CERT+ also enabled ALJ to automate the entire process of certificate management, right from issuance/renewal to provisioning/binding the certificate to the associated application. This automation not just saved time and effort but also helped avoid manual errors and potential compromises. 

AppViewX CERT+ has now become an integral part of delivering certificate lifecycle management solution for mission-critical applications of ALJ.

Interested in learning more about ALJ’s journey with AppViewX CERT+?

AppViewX CERT+: The Agile CLM Solution for Modern Digital Enterprises

At AppViewX, we believe, when best-in-class security meets automation, costs are invariably reduced. And this is the foundation on which we have built CERT+. It is this solid foundation that sets us apart in the industry and why our customers continue to choose us year after year.  

If your organization is struggling with similar issues as discussed above and want to know how AppViewX can help, talk to an expert today!


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