COVID-19 Outbreak: Short- and Long-Term Actions for CIOs

The COVID-19 crisis has warranted unprecedented levels of restrictions from various governments – social distancing and travel bans being the chief of them. With employees unable to turn up for work, business continuity can be severely impacted if organizations don’t immediately take proactive measures.

We’ve come up with a list of actions…

Impacts and Recommendations in Brief

  • Organizations face challenges to continuity of operations as employees are stranded in various locations with uncertain return dates.
  • Dramatic changes in customer demand are putting organizations under huge stress: Sharp declines in demand present serious financial challenges to many businesses, while those facing demand surges and resource shortage risk disappointing and disengaging customers.
  • Confusing data from unverified sources, or sheer lack of data, leads to ill-informed decisions, escalating employee anxiety and making organizations underprepared for returning to normal operations and future growth.

It suggests the following recommendations for CIOs to tackle the above impacts:

  • Short-term actions:
    • Source interim digital collaboration tools to enable employees to work remotely, ensuring security controls and network support are in place.
    • Work with business leaders to conduct workforce planning to assess risk and address staffing gaps. Reprioritize demand and balance staff by shifting personnel from areas of lower priority.
    • Engage customers and partners via digital channels to maintain relations. Repackage product offerings and sell through digital channels.
    • Establish a single source of truth and communicate that to employees.
  • Long-term actions:
    • Develop a digital workplace strategy that includes collaboration applications, security controls, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and network support.
    • Identify alternative employment modes and digital technologies that can empower employees and automate tasks.
    • Develop digital product extensions, expanding to new channels and enabling new business models to increase business resilience and prepare for growth.
    • Contribute to data-for-good programs to improve data literacy and increase adoption of a wider range of data and analytics tools.

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