APS: Product End of Life (EoL) Notification

At AppViewX, we’re committed to delivering stellar experiences. The continual evolution of our products is a vital component of our adherence to that pledge. As we drive innovation and advancement to create cutting-edge software, we understand that certain processes must be decommissioned and replaced with newer, more secure ones to ensure that you receive the highest quality of service possible.

With this announcement, we’re announcing the EoL of the Application Provisioning Service (APS) tool. The move is driven by the EoL of Python 2.x, as well as the need for additional drivers to keep APS running in customer environments, if not decommissioned. This announcement is intended to give our customers ample time to migrate to our next-generation, intelligent automation platform, Visual Workflow.

We recommend our customers to upgrade to Version 19.3 of APS, though customers with active service contracts will continue to receive technical support until the date marked in the table below. If you’d like to transition to Visual Workflow right away, please contact your account manager for a seamless migration.

End of Life Milestones and Dates for APS

End of Software Development (EoSD)EoSD is the date that AppViewX Product Development has ceased considering adding new features and repairing confirmed software defects for a major release of the software. Unless specifically communicated differently by AppViewX, the EoSD date defaults to 1 year after the general availability date of a Major Release of AppViewX software. August 1, 2019
End of Technical Support (EoTS)AppViewX will no longer accept technical support calls once the EoTS date has been passed for the Major Release of software. Unless specifically communicated differently by AppViewX, the EoTS date defaults to 1 year after the Major Release enters the EoSD period.January 31, 2020